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Better Late Than Never Returns

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Fans of Better Late Than Never, the comic reality show featuring William Shatner, Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, George Foreman, and Jeff Dye will return next month for Season Two.

This time, the stars are headed to Europe. They will Trek through Berlin, Lithuania, Sweden, Barcelona, Madrid and Morocco. Last week, a Season Two preview episode featured the men in Munich. If you missed this episode (as I did!), it is thankfully available via On Demand, as is the first season.

Shatner spoke about the series, and what it means to him. “Each of us are fully-drawn characters,” he said. “The great jock, the silent-but-wise boxer, the wonderfully comic spirit, the rising comedian — and then [me], an older gentleman doddering along.”

The trip to Lithuania was special to Shatner due to his family history. “For me, the high point was in Lithuania where my grandmother’s mother was born in a town where 70,000 Jews were slaughtered,” he said. “When I came back to Vilnius, they had arranged in the town square for some dances both by the Lithuanians and by the remnant of half a dozen Jewish people. I danced the hora in the city square which had been the ghetto where they laid slaughtered and dying of starvation. That was the high point.”

What was Shatner’s low point? “The low point was when we did a sculpting class in Barcelona,” said Shatner. “A city that is known for its exquisite architecture and artwork. We were given a pound of clay, and they brought in one of the models for us to form. And one of the lowest moments was the naked model by the name of Henry Winkler.”

“I thought I was amazing,” said Winkler. “I looked like the Butterball turkey.”

Look for Better Late Than Never on Monday, Jan. 1. A two-hour season premiere will air from 9-11 PM EST.

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