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Shatner And Winkler: Nudity And Local Cuisine

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Better Late Than Never begins its second season on New Year’s Day (9 PM NBC) and William Shatner and Henry Winkler are doing the press rounds promoting the show, which also stars Terry Bradshaw and George Foreman.

When asked why rich guys would “put themselves through [an] exhausting forty-day trek,” Shatner said, “…All we have to do is breeze in and make fools of ourselves. The producers do everything for us. I don’t have to stand around an airport carousel with that frightened look on my face when my luggage doesn’t come out, wondering how many days I can stretch one pair of underpants. It’s somebody else’s problem!”

So far on the show, there has been some (blurred) nudity as the participants take the “when in Rome” attitude, but this has not involved Shatner. “Terry is the worst,” said Shatner. “He loves getting naked. But Henry showed incredible courage in Spain.”

“We go to an art class where the students are working with clay, and I am the nude model,” said Winkler. “Let’s face it, I am currently carrying the equivalent of another human being around my middle region, but there I am — flashing it all! And Bill is giving me instructions: ‘Pose like an angel! A sad angel!'”

Another part of the experience is sampling local delicacies, including fermented herring when in Sweden. “[The herring] was so bad Terry was actually screaming,” said Shatner. “One of our cameramen projectile-vomited. But, hey, what’s the point of visiting a foreign land and not immersing yourself in the culture? Why go all that way only to eat at McDonald’s?”

Better Late Than Never will take place in Europe, Russia, and North Africa this season. The first season and the second season preview (aired earlier this month) are available via On Demand.

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