June 15 2024


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Cho: Why He Was Drawn To Search

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Star Trek Beyond‘s John Cho was attracted to Sony‘s Search because it didn’t depict the stereotypical Asian family.

Search “centers on a father who uses his online detective skills to look for his missing sixteen-year-old daughter. He uses clues left on her laptop to solve the mystery. The camera work for the movie mirrors the point-of-view from smartphones and computer screens.” Cho plays the father.

“I wanted to put this family on screen,” said Cho. “I wanted to see a loving family, a family that wasn’t dysfunctional. I feel like Asian-American families are portrayed as having generational conflicts… young people running away from the old culture to find freedom from the heaviness of the first generation. I’ve seen that story, and while I can appreciate it, what was new here was a functioning, loving family. I quite enjoyed seeing that.”

Search is expected to be released at some point this year.

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