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Frakes’ Favorite Star Trek Series

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While appearing at the Lexington Comics and Toy Convention, Jonathan Frakes told fans which Trek series, other than The Next Generation, was his favorite and why.

“I’m one of the people who really liked Deep Space Nine,” he said. “I think they took more chances. I loved the people on Voyager. Voyager always felt like Next Gen lite to me. And Enterprise felt like they had gone to the well…you know, that was the fourth series in however many years it was.

“And again, nothing negative about any of the people on the show, it’s just that the appetite for Star Trek, frankly, I thought that Paramount was so freaking greedy that they created all these shows and watered down how great the essence of what Roddenberry had created was.”

Frakes went on to explain why he loved DS9. “In spite of the fact they didn’t get to boldly go where no one had gone before – people came to them – they told wonderful stories and they tried things and there was a lot more use of the magic of time travel and flashbacks,” he said. “The characters weren’t all – because Roddenberry had died by this point – they had sort of pulled out of that idea that there would be no conflict, which is a hard way to make drama, there was conflict on that show, people did have issues on that show. There was some wonderful comedy on that show.”

A Deep Space Nine documentary, What We Left Behind, is in production, and Frakes spoke briefly about it. “I’m working with Ira Behr,” he said, “who is one of the creators of that show, on this documentary which I think will be out soon. We did a little skit the other day, last weekend. I know it’s not everybody’s favorite, but I always enjoyed it, and I loved working on the show too.”

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