June 19 2024


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Wheaton: What The Right Medicine Has Done For Me

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In an interview with The Star, Wil Wheaton spoke about what it was like to deal with depression and anxiety; how he coped with them; and how medicine has made a big difference in his life.

Although suffering with depression and anxiety for years, Wheaton was only formally diagnosed two years ago. This came after trying to figure out travel issues at an airport triggered a panic attack. His wife took care of those issues, but told Wheaton that he needed to talk to someone about the depression and anxiety.

Wheaton explained what it was like to live with mental illness and how being properly medicated changed things for him. “I realized I had been living my whole life inside a really loud, dark room,” he said. “Seeing a doctor and taking medication allowed me to see the exits from that room, and being treated allowed me to walk through that door and get out of that loud room.

“After I started treatment, my wife and I were just having a walk in the neighborhood, and I realized that it was a really beautiful day. And it was warm. And there was this wonderful little bit of a breeze. And birds sounded really beautiful. And flowers smelled really great. And my wife’s hand felt really good in my hand. And we’re walking and I just started to cry, and she was like, ‘What’s wrong?’ And I said, ‘I just realized that I don’t feel bad. I just realized I’m not existing; I’m living.”

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