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Did Jennifer Morrison Reveal Star Trek 4 Spoiler?

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Last weekend, Jennifer Morrison was a guest at Calgary Expo, where she took part in a panel about her role in ABC‘s Once Upon a Time series.

The moderator of that panel was Star Trek: Voyager‘s Garret Wang, who turned the conversation to Star Trek.

“As an actor, I think it’s incredibly difficult to play the role of a mother who just gave birth to James Tiberius Kirk, knowing that your husband is thirty-six seconds away from death, basically,” he said.

Morrison interrupted him and said, “Supposed death.”

“Supposed death, right,” said Wang.

“Just saying,” said Morrison, with a smile.

Perhaps George Kirk survived the explosion of the Narada after all.

See the video below, where the conversation took place. The relevant part begins at the 2:35 mark.

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