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Museum of Science Fiction Prop Replica Competition

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“The Museum of Science Fiction is excited to announce the launch of a new prop replica design competition. Registration for the competition opens today and runs through April 15, 2019. The competition is open to all students, designers, engineers, builders and artists. People from the United States and abroad may participate.

“‘Props are an essential part of any production,’ notes Dan Curry, competition judge and a veteran of over one hundred feature films and television productions. Among other awards, Curry’s work has been recognized with seven Emmys (fifteen nominations) and a Visual Effects Society Award for Best Broadcast Visual Effects. Curry recently received a Visual Effects Society Fellow award and is currently working on a Marvel super hero show and co-writing a book on Star Trek visual effects. Curry notes, ‘props give characters something to handle and accomplish their tasks, as well as reflecting a character’s personality. Great props support the overall aesthetic of a production and can become iconic symbols. A few examples include the Ghostbusters proton pack, Indiana Jones’ whip, Conan’s sword, Rambo’s knife by Gil Hibben, Jedi lightsabers, and the Klingon Bat’Leth.’

“Regarding authenticity, Curry states that ‘props need to look real, have the appropriate amount of wear and tear, and be ergonomically sound. Most importantly, props have to support the tone of a production – and the Museum of Science Fiction‘s prop replica competition will give aspiring prop makers the opportunity to show their skill and artistry.’

“Entries will be judged across a variety of criteria including crafting skill, materials, and accuracy to the presented design. Finalists will be selected based on photographs and illustrated concept art submitted by email. The final competition, including the presentation of fully constructed designs, is set to take place at Escape Velocity 2019 on May 24, 2019 where a jury of professional and experienced prop design professionals, including Curry and Steve Dymszo, CEO of Master Replicas Group, will select the winners.

“‘I am honored to be a judge in the prop replica competition,’ says Dymszo. ‘I have been building props and models since I was about five years old and literally never stopped. I often visit various modeling forums to see the array of incredible replicas that people have built. Even at my age, I still pick up tips and tricks from studying what other modelers and builders have accomplished. Prop building is a highly underrated art form and a tremendous opportunity for artistic self-expression. I look forward to participating in the Museum‘s 2019 prop replica competition.’

“Cash prizes will be awarded in two categories – original content and prop replica – and in two classes: masters and young adult/high school. For complete rules and entry requirements, please visit the competition website here.

The registration period is currently open and will run through April 15, 2019. Award recognitions will be made at Escape Velocity, which takes place Saturday, May 25, 2019.

“More information about this and other activities is available here.

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