June 20 2024


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Star Trek Actresses On Board For Concept Pilot Storyville

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Four Star Trek actresses will be taking a part in a concept pilot called Storyville.

The actresses include Terry Farrell, Marina Sirtis, Kitty Swink, and Nana Visitor, who will be taking on the roles of the Madams of Storyville.

The description of the Indiegogo project for Storyville is as follows: “We are making a concept pilot and we have assembled a stellar cast of veteran Star Trek TV actresses to bring to life the madams of Storyville. In 1917, it’s the US Government vs. the Madams of Storyville. After twenty years of legalized vice, the federal government decided it was time to close all legal prostitution houses and they sent a reformer. The powerful madams at the time formed an unlikely alliance, and banded together, against all odds including segregation to fight the government.

“Little is known about this place in New Orleans history, the public library’s files of newspapers and periodicals from that time were vandalized, with countless issues carefully clipped of any mention of Storyville. The relevant pages on real estate, with the names of the Madams that owned property, were ripped out. History has tried to erase their lives and existence but we don’t want that to happen.”

Supporting the project means that “you are supporting: female filmmakers, stories with powerful female leads and the story of early female entrepreneurs, when land couldn’t be owned by women and jobs were few and poorly paid these ladies bucked the system and broke all the rules.”

The full cast includes: Visitor as Diana, Sirtis as Emma Johnson, Swink as Norma, Farrell, Emily Goss as Odelina LaChance, Jessica Clark as Countess Willie Piazza, Michael Kirby as Bascom, and Ian Littleworth as Troy LaChance.

The campaign runs for twenty-seven more days with a goal of raising $72,000. If the financial goal is met, Storyville will go into production in late October.

For more details on Storyville and the perks available for donating to the project, head to the link located here.

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