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Evagora And Hurd Drop Hints About Their Characters

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Star Trek.com was at the Star Trek: Picard press tour last weekend where Evan Evagora and Michelle Hurd spoke about being fans of Star Trek when young. The pair also dropped a few tidbits about their characters.

Evagora, who will be taking on the role of the Romulan Elnor, watched Trek with his family when he was young. “I used to watch it with my mom and my sisters growing up around the TV,” he said. “Mom would be ironing; we’d all be sitting on the floor. I don’t think I watched TNG though to begin with. I think my first [was] The Search for Spock. For some reason that movie has really stuck in my head, as opposed to The Wrath of Khan. I don’t know, Mom used to watch everything out of order. She’s a big sci-fi fan.”

For Hurd, who plays Raffi in Star Trek: Picard, her family watched Star Trek because it was inclusive. “I’m biracial,” she said. “My father is Black, and he was an actor back in the day. And it was really important in our household that we would watch things that were inclusive, so that we could see ourselves represented, as opposed to excluded. [Star Trek] was one of the shows that our family would happily sit down and watch. When I got this job, that’s the first thing I remembered — sitting with my mom and dad, and my two sisters, and watching the show, not only because of Uhura, but the fact that it was telling the stories of people who were Others, the people who were pushed away. It was all about inclusion and exclusion.”

Hurd’s character Raffi, “worked with Picard back in the day,” said Hurd; “but after Next Generation. She has a very complicated relationship with him, an even more complicated relationship with the Federation. She is a security analyst, a hacking genius. She’s very sarcastic. She is haunted by decisions that she made in the past. She relies on some vices.”

As for Elnor, he was “raised by a sect of warrior nuns,” said Evagora. “What makes him interesting is that he is the only male in this sect. He is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, pretty good with a sword. I’ve got pointy ears. And judging by what the internet’s been calling me, I’m known as ‘Space Legolas.'”

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