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Star Trek Online’s New Federation/Klingon Hybrid Ship

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Star Trek Online‘s tenth anniversary is approaching, and in honor of that anniversary, a new Federation/Klingon hybrid ship, the Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser has been announced.

The in-game explanation for the alliance, which also includes the Romulans, is as follows: “Today, the Secretary for the Federation Starfleet, the Grand Dahar Master of the Klingon Imperial Fleet, and the Admiral of the Romulan Republic Fleet jointly announced the formation of a new Allied Fleet Service. This combined service formalizes the strides made in cross-naval cooperation since the end of the Iconian War. An impossible dream just years ago, the AFS hopes to harness the best personnel and technologies from all corners of the Khitomer Alliance to build an organization dedicated to the mutual defense of its member states.

“Building a new navy from a combination of such diverse cultural traditions has been a complex challenge for the admiralties of each nation, but a variety of exchange programs, inter-fleet exercises, and external challenges has motivated a level of cooperation unprecedented in galactic history. Still, a variety of details remain in flux, such as a final uniform design, promotion structure, and even dietary and fitness standards.”

The new alliance includes a “new Admiralty Board” which will “have three flag officers – one from each presiding member – but that number is expected to grow as ships are added to the AFS order of battle.”

The Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser [T6] will be available for PC users January 28, and for Xbox One and PS4 later.

Specs on the detail can be found here, about halfway down the page.

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