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Stewart Drops Hints On Picard Season Two

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In a new interview with Gold Derby, Sir Patrick Stewart spoke about Star Trek: Picard; including what happened to Picard in Season One, his thoughts about his fellow actors, and what fans can expect in Season Two. Note: spoilers ahead.

The events of the finale of Season One were a surprise to Stewart as well as to the audience of the show. “…When I saw that Picard collapsed and died when he was on that alien planet,” said Stewart; “I thought, ‘Oh my Lord, I’m being written out of the show. I only make it to the end of Season One. What are they going to call the next season?’

And then of course, brilliantly and wonderfully they were able to perform surgery on me in such a way that I survived and came back. But, now with an artificial life inside me – not a subservient cruel one like the Borg – but, well, we shall see. We don’t know how Picard is going to live with this new condition which has become part of his life, which is going to extend his life. I think he said twenty more years is what he wanted. I think I probably just got twenty more years in me if it should go in that direction.”

Stewart enjoyed working with the new actors who joined Star Trek: Picard. “Frankly, perhaps the thing I am missing the most right now, other than going out to dinner,” he said; “is that I’m not working with this group of people I admire and I’ve grown to like and respect so much as well. I can’t wait to be back on the set in a workspace with these people, and explore what we are going to do with Season Two.”

So will they all be back for the next season? “We have a dazzling group of actors,” said Stewart. “No matter who I find myself playing a scene with, it’s interesting, unusual, challenging, and they’re always, always exciting. And every one of us is back. Well, I think we may have said goodbye to Harry Treadaway, which I am disappointed about because I enjoyed working with him so much.”

The Next Generation fans want to know if more actors from that series will be returning in Season Two. “When in meetings when we talked about bringing in other members of The Next Generation crew, that was one of the things I was most passionate about, which was that not only should Picard have changed during the eighteen years that had passed, but the same has to be applied to Counselor Troi, to Commander Riker, to whoever it is,” said Stewart. “And by the way, I am very hopeful that we shall see more of The Next Generation crew before we say goodbye to Picard. And that’s just what they did, and there is no better example than the episode where I went with Isa Briones to hide away with Commander Riker and with Deanna Troi and their brilliant daughter…[Star Trek: Picard: Nepenthe].”

Stewart gave an update on the progress of work on the next season, delayed like everything else due to COVID-19. “It is [coming together], yes,” he said. “Because of how we are living currently, there is no writers’ room, of course. But everybody is writing and they’re keeping me in touch with what is going on. We have conferences and so forth, our video conferences.”

So what can fans expect in the way of a storyline next season? “There are startling events predicted in Season Two,” said Stewart. “I am so excited about them, because it is taking Season One on from where we were. We are not going to be covering the same ground. It is going to be extraordinary. I am very excited about it. But of course, I can’t go into details at all. I have a long conference planned for tomorrow when I hope for certain aspects of how Season Two will develop, and I’m looking forward to it very much.”

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