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Quaid: Star Trek: Lower Decks Will Be Funny

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In an interview with Gold Derby while promoting Amazon‘s The Boys, a series about a group of vigilantes who fight abusive superheroes, Jack Quaid spoke about what to expect on Star Trek: Lower Decks. On the new animated series, Quaid voices the character of Ensign Boimler.

“I don’t know when it’s coming out,” he said. Like everything else, the show is delayed by COVID-19, although it’s still expected out this year. “I know I’ve recorded most of my stuff for it but it’s a new Star Trek show. It’s animated; it’s from Mike McMahan, who’s one of the writers on Rick and Morty and he’s frickin’ hilarious. He has this Twitter account basically, I think he still has it, where he’s just pitching new ideas for Next Generation episodes constantly and he is just frickin hilarious and the show is super funny but it is definitely still Star Trek.

“If you are a huge Star Trek’re gonna get a lot of the references and a lot of the deep cut jokes, but I think even if you’re new to it, I think it’s something really cool to introduce you to the Star Trek universe as well. Me speaking personally, I didn’t know a ton about it when I got cast. I had seen the J.J. Abrams movies but now I’m into it. I’m watching Next Generation now in quarantine ’cause I realized I have to do my research on this – this is like a world – and I’m loving it. I always considered myself a huge Star Wars fan and now Star Trek‘s coming up. They’re about equal now. It’s a super funny show. It is a comedy. It’s animated but it is definitely still Star Trek, which is awesome.”

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