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Sir Patrick Stewart At Eighty

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Next week, Sir Patrick Stewart turns eighty, and his fellow actors spoke about the effect the actor has had on them.

“He’s a love and he is an intellectual in an athlete’s body,” said William Shatner. “We had a long horse scene to do together once [Star Trek: Generations], and I recommended him wearing women’s silk stockings to avoid chafing and he nodded his head as a thank you. When he came out of his dressing room, he was wearing the lace stockings outside of his costume. ‘No, no, Patrick, underneath your costume!’ We laughed, as we ordinarily did. I didn’t know he was so old.”

Two of the actors from Star Trek: Picard were also full of praise for Stewart. “Working with Patrick is one of the great joys in life,” said Allison Pill. “Not only is he kind and funny, but he read a Brecht poem without a whiff of pomposity. Literally. He read Questions from a Worker Who Reads one day, and while sitting at someone’s knee listening to poetry seems to be something of another age, it simply feels right when the knee at which you sit is Patrick Stewart’s.”

“The first word that comes to mind when I think about Patrick is ‘respect,'” said Isa Briones. “Going into meeting PStew, I already had the natural respect you have for a legendary actor of his caliber, but it quickly evolved into the respect you have for an old friend. That was due to how obvious his respect for me was. He opened up to me about how he was a very timid young actor and, when he made his first film, there was an actor who made sure he felt supported and respected. Patrick wanted to be like that.

“He made sure I felt we were equals, simply there to create. Patrick worries that people think him to be ‘intimidating’ which he never intends to be. So he told us that from now on, whenever we feel it necessary, we should yell out ‘INTIMIDATION’ to keep him in check. Let’s just say we all cannot wait to get back to work and annoy the hell out of him with that.”

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