May 25 2024


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GoFundMe For Nichols’ Legal Costs

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The family of Nichelle Nichols has begun a GoFundMe account to help with legal costs in the ongoing battle between her son Kyle, who is her conservator, and her former manager, Gilbert Bell.

Here is part of the statement from her family: “In 2010, she first encountered Gilbert Bell. He said he was a producer and that he was developing a feature film in which he hoped to have Nichelle co-star as well as be a 50-50 partner in the enterprise and its profits. Slowly, deliberately, and methodically, Bell insinuated himself into her life. He convinced her to allow him to move into the second house on her property adjacent to her residence as they worked on the project that never happened. Bell still lives in the house under a fraudulent lease essentially paying nothing while compelling Nichelle to pay all his utilities, and he continues to fight his removal.

“In 2013, Nichelle was in a very weakened state following a hospitalization. Knowing that her immediate family members mostly lived outside of California, Bell took advantage of the situation to obtain her signature on medical and general Powers of Attorney. Over time, as he continued to gain influence, fees from her many personal appearances, and even her pension and Social Security, began to disappear.

“He later deeded her personal residence into his name, which was the final act that triggered the Petition for Conservatorship eventually granted to her son, Kyle Johnson.

“We believe that Bell has taken financial advantage of Nichelle to the tune of well over a million dollars, but we have only scratched the surface.

“As a fan and admirer of Nichelle, we ask for your support by donating towards the accumulated and ongoing legal fees to defend her and ensure the continuing conservatorship by her son, Kyle. These funds are necessary for defending Nichelle from Gilbert Bell’s baseless but damaging suit, our counter-suit and associated expenses of discovery, trial, etc, and to recover all or some of what he has stolen and mitigate the damage he has inflicted upon her. We appeal to your generosity and appreciate your support in any amount.”

Walter Koenig made a brief statement in support of Nichols. “Nichelle Nichols has been a true and loyal friend for over fifty years. She has been financially abused by a person pretending to protect her interests. I urge everyone who knows what a beautiful person she is to support the GoFundMe established in her name. It is a cause very much worth contributing to. She is one of the really great people out there.”

The GoFundMe account is located here.

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