June 12 2024


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Kurtzman Wants More Short Treks

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Alex Kurtzman, speaking with Gold Derby about his Emmy nomination for Star Trek: Short Treks, hopes that the Emmy nomination will lead to more Short Treks being made.

“They’re like little O. Henry stories,” said Kurtzman, describing Short Treks. “There’s the story that presents itself, but then there’s kind of a twist at the end that reframes what you’ve been watching the whole time.”

Star Trek: Short Treks was an “amazing experiment” which let the creators find “different tones and different styles and start pushing at the boundaries of what Star Trek feels like it can be.”

When asked if there would be more Short Treks made, Kurtzman said, “Thanks to the Emmy nomination, I’m really hoping so.” Kurtzman would like to make a short musical, and a black-and-white film, among other ideas.

“I could probably think of fifty different ways that we could tell stories,” said Kurtzman; “in fifty different little crevices of the Star Trek universe to explore, that may not be the right kind of crevices for the larger shows, but we always think of the Short Treks as scenes just as important as what’s going on in the main shows — but that you wouldn’t have time [to include them].”

So what about the rest of his Star Trek world? “We have been running all of our writers’ rooms on Zoom,” he said. “The silver lining is that we have actually been able to get quite ahead in scripts for upcoming seasons of Discovery, and Picard, and Strange New Worlds, which is going to be shooting next year, and Section 31.

Kurtzman is a man who loves his job. “It’s exhilarating, it’s terrifying, it’s wonderful, it’s joyful,” he said. “This is the job you dream of having as a kid.”

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