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Mike McMahan: Star Trek: Lower Decks Season Two

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Star Trek: Lower Decks creator Mike McMahan spoke to Variety about what fans can expect next season on the animated series. Note: Major spoilers, both for the Season One finale (if you’re not seen it yet) and for next season.

During the finale, one of the main characters transferred off the USS Cerritos. That character, Boimler, is now on the USS Titan, captained by Will Riker. McMahan said that “we’ll see the Titan next season because Boimler is off the Cerritos, and we’ll be seeing Capt. Riker again as well. Boimler has been talking about moving on to bigger and better all first season, and now we’re going to see what happens when he gets what he wants.”

But will Marina Sirtis as Troi also be on the USS Titan? “The stories that are on Titan are really more revolving around Riker and Boimler,” said McMahan. “However, I loved Marina and we loved working with her first season. The stories didn’t go that way, but I definitely need to get her back, because she was a blast to work with.”

What about other The Next Generation cameos? “I will not tell you,” said McMahan. “I would say, feels like a pretty good chance of it.”

McMahan was asked how the show could be about the lower decks if the main cast starts to get promoted? “Yeah, it’s tough,” he said. “The theme of the show is where do bridge crews come from? What happens when you start ranking up? What did you learn as a lower deck officer that you start taking there? That’s all stuff that we tackle second season, and hopefully beyond.”

More of the interview can be found at Variety.

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