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Siddig Would Like To Play Dr. Bashir Again

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Alexander Siddig would like to see the return of Deep Space Nine, and is open to playing Dr. Bashir again.

Speaking with CBR, he said, “I would be! I’m a bit protective of the character but that goes without saying. I don’t know, I feel like it’s one of those all-or-nothing things. There’s a plethora of Star Treks, who wants another one right now?

“But maybe in five years, we should try to do a revival of Deep Space Nine or, at least, some of the cast members. I don’t know about the station…they never really liked the station at the end of the day, they felt that Star Trek had to be on a ship which is hilarious because they greenlit it. Gene Roddenberry said ‘I want to do this one on a space station!’ and they said ‘Great! But we hate this space station!’ And then everybody just got on with it.”

If Deep Space Nine ever returns, Siddig would prefer standalone stories. “Of course I’d love to go back to it,” he said. “And part of me would like to go back without serializing it, just give everybody an idea of what some of these characters are doing now because it’d be probably really interesting.”

Siddig also spoke to TrekMovie about reprising the Bashir role. “I absolutely could see reprising the role, if asked,” he said. “It’s very precious to me in a weird way. It means a lot of unusual things to a lot of different people so I’ve kind of become very protective of the role. Particularly for vulnerable people who really found something in Bashir they really, really liked and could identify with. So I’ve got to be kind of careful about how that works out. But otherwise, yeah. I think I’m just young enough to go back to do something Star Trek again and be credible.

“I don’t know how it would be. What is he? Is he a retired professor? Or is he the Section 31 nebulous leader? Who knows what Bashir ends up as? His need to abide by his Hippocratic Oath is a really interesting paradox for him going forward if he is indeed still in Section 31. And also, if he becomes command material and the fact that he’s a doctor at heart. Or maybe he’s just teaching kids at an Academy.”

Siddig’s latest project, Skylines, opens on December 18. Bashir plays General Radford in the movie.

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