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Gates McFadden On Her New Podcast

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In an interview with Daily Star Trek News, Gates McFadden explained what fans can expect from the podcast, titled Gates McFadden InvestiGates: Who Do You Think You Are.

Look for some familiar names to appear on Gates McFadden InvestiGates. “I’m starting off with Jonathan [Frakes] and then my dear space son,” said McFadden. “You know, that Wil Wheaton is just, like, my dream boat. I love him. We played games because I wanted to break the ice some way and I didn’t know quite how to do it. And then we had some hilarious things and we talked about all kinds of stuff. I hope people aren’t scandalized, but we’ll find out!”

In addition to more actors from The Next Generation, expect other Trek people to appear. “Then Brent [Spiner] and Michael Dorn and Marina [Sirtis] and Jonathan, as I said,” said McFadden. “Nana Visitor, [Robert] Picardo, [John] de Lancie, Michael Westmore (who is one of my dear friends, I love him so much!) And Denise [Crosby], I spoke with Denise. They’re all such amazing people.

“Oh, I know who I’ve forgotten! LeVar [Burton]! Who’s just amazing. And I hope he gets the [hosting role on] Jeopardy!”

At first, McFadden was unsure about doing the podcast, worried about how to keep things going on the podcast, but a little research took care of that problem and the friends who came to be interviewed helped her out. “But anyway, the podcast is me and my friends and in the beginning, I think I was a little nervous,” she said. “I didn’t know what I’m going to talk about. Then I researched everyone, just like people research me. I did all the same stuff and I made way more questions than I could ever ask, but we would just start talking about things. And that was the best.

“We laughed so hard on some of them. And on others, it’s very serious. It really depends.”

McFadden gave a few more hints on what some of her guests would be discussing. “I am excited to hear Wil Wheaton talk about his relationship with his wife and his family,” she said. “He’s so honest and loving.

“Michael Dorn has some incredible stories from his youth that are both funny, and then some of them are about his encounters with police. LeVar was so much fun to have on. He’s so articulate! And Brent and I…I was laughing so hard at this moment that happened with Brent, that I kept laughing for the whole next day. And Marina…we didn’t have a great connection to the internet, but it was really fun. She’s extremely funny!”

Below is a preview of the podcast.

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