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McMahan: Bills To Pay From Season One

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In two interviews with IGN and Screen Rant, Mike McMahan spoke about Season Two of Star Trek: Lower Decks and what fans can expect.

McMahan writes for “the streaming era,” and so he likes “to write show assuming that you’re going to watch Season One and go right into Season Two.” Because of that, they want “to keep the energy from the end of Season One – those last three episodes, the trial, the movie, the big finale – and then propel you right into Season Two knowing that it’s at your fingertips. We’re not just airing it on a network and hoping you catch it on VHS like I had to do it in the ’90s.”

“These last three episodes created this crescendo of, ‘Look, this is what the show is. Let’s go,'” said McMahan. “And we keep that up. That’s what the beginning of Season Two feels like. [It] is talking about those things. How does Mariner feel about Boimler taking off? How is Boimler doing on the Titan? What stories are we telling there? So, still doing standalone, still episodes that feel episodic, but the characters don’t forget. We haven’t forgotten what we’ve said [in] Season 1.”

Therefore, added McMahan, “We have a lot of bills to pay. We’ve got Rutherford’s memory issues, we’ve got Mariner and her mom working together, we’ve got the Pakleds being a real threat out in the world, we’ve got Tendi worried about her friends not remembering her from the first season and what does that mean for their friendship? And we’ve got Boimler on the Titan! That’s not the Cerritos. The Titan is a whole different beast and what does that mean for our ‘Boimy Boims’? You know, he’s not with Mariner or Rutherford or Tendi and what is that new group like over there? How is he experiencing it and how are our other Lower Deckers experiencing him not being there?”

Expect Season Two to be “very funny,” said McMahan. “There are some amazing legacy cameos, there’s some great standalone storytelling mixed with some season-long character arcs. I’m really proud. We’re in the color phase right now. We’re airing in August and I’m just seeing Chris Westlake‘s score being added, and it really adds to the kind of cinematic nature of the emotion of the storytelling. I’m really proud of Season Two.

“And we’re writing Season Two right now! So we know where season Two goes and I know where half of Season Three goes. So I’m living in the animation future but the headline is if you enjoyed Season One, I think you’re gonna love Season Two.”

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