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Several Trek Books Coming This November

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Three Trek books will be released by Hero Collector just in time for holiday shopping. The books are: Star Trek Alpha Quadrant and Major Races, Nerd Search’s Star Trek: The Next Generation Bloopers of the Borg, and Star Trek Discovery: The Book of Grudge.

Note that the artwork for the Bloopers book is not final. Below are the blurbs for the three books:

Star Trek Alpha Quadrant and Major Races

“Boldly go and explore the ally and enemy ships encountered by the Federation in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants in the newest Star Trek Shipyards book.

Hero Collector‘s popular Star Trek Shipyards series continues with detailed looks at ships from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: The Original Series, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. First up? Ships of the Breen, Cardassians, and those pesky Ferengi. Each featured ship is profiled with technical details, in-universe operational history, and illustrated with plan-view CG renders, wherever possible utilizing the original VFX models created for the Star Trek shows and features from across the franchise’s remarkable 55 years.

“This volume includes more than 40 ships, including the Anaxar cargo vessel, the Breen Warship, the Cardassian Bok’Nor, Cardassian military freighter, the Ferengi shuttle, the Gorn warship, the Husnok warship and the Jem’Hadar battlecruiser.”

Star Trek: The Next Generation Bloopers of the Borg

“Do you possess Data-like recall of everything Star Trek: The Next Generation? Put that knowledge to the test with Hero Collector‘s TNG Nerd Search Book.

“The next generation of Hero Collector‘s Star Trek Nerd Search book is here, literally. Star Trek Nerd Search: The Next Generation follows the TOS-centric Quibbles with Tribbles and it challenges TNG fans to find the made-on-purpose mistakes across its 44 pages. Think of it as a next-level ‘Where’s Waldo‘ for all the diehard Star Trek fans throughout the galaxy.

Glenn Dakin, the madman behind Hero Collector‘s previous Nerd Search search-and-find titles, Ghostbusters: Eerie Errors & Suspect Ghosts and Star Trek: Quibbles with Tribbles, returns to playfully torment fans who boldly think they know it all. His fully illustrated book beams up the villainous Borg, who’ve created time-traveling Chaos Cubes that break down reality as we know it. The reader’s task is to spot the Cubes and save Picard’s mission.

“Making it so, however, will be tough. The reader must spot five continuity errors caused by the Chaos Cubes, such as TNG characters in the wrong costume, or scene or… even the wrong series! Complicating the crises, Dakin has hidden 10 random items for every season of TNG… in each scene. Can you find the rogue elements and name the episode? And, upping the ante even further, next-level Next Gen fans should be on the lookout for five Super Quibbles, behind-the-scenes bits of business that only hardcore fans will uncover. Sounds exciting and challenging, right? Say it with us: Resistance will be futile.

“It’s all in here: Quirky ‘Q’ madness, those hirsute, cranky Klingons, and the ever-avaricious Ferengi. And, among the TNG episodes revisited are The Best of Both Worlds, The Big Goodbye, and Encounter at Farpoint.

“Oh, and the goal is to achieve the top score of, appropriately, 11001001.”

Star Trek Discovery: The Book of Grudge

New York Times bestselling author Robb Pearlman focuses on Star Trek Discovery‘s breakout star, Grudge the cat. Full of cat photos and whimsical illustrations!

“Sharper than a claw and more stunning than a phaser blast, The Book of Grudge’s Prime Directive features her take on everything from space travel to the proper care and training of an array of alien species, Star Trek-inspired quotes, and haiku meditations on Grudge’s most favorite things, including napping and people (as long as they’re far enough away).

“Make no mistake, Cleveland Booker’s massive – and massively cool – cat, Grudge is no mundane mouser. This taciturn tabby is, in fact, ‘a Queen.’ She knows it, and everyone aboard the Discovery knows it, too… though some realize it just a bit too late!

“Get ready to live long and paws-purrrr, as The Book of Grudge delivers Grudge’s snarky thoughts on space travel, replicators, the Federation, and the humanoids she’s encountered on Discovery; offers expert advice regarding the proper care and training of humanoids; Grudge-ifies iconic Star Trek quotes; and shares 5 haiku meditations on her most favorite things, including napping in the starlight, napping in the glow of a nebula, and tolerating people (barely, and only as long as they’re far enough away).

“And there’s even more catnip for fans, as The Book of Grudge features photography taken on the set of Star Trek: Discovery, as well as exclusive illustrations created especially for this book.”

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