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Star Trek: Discovery Season Three DVD Review

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Season Three of Star Trek: Discovery featured the crew of Discovery, now in the year 3188, trying to figure out the mystery of “The Burn,” in which most dilithium went inert causing warp cores on starships to explode. This galaxy-wide event was responsible for the near-collapse of the UFP.

The DVD set includes four discs, with all of the Season Three episodes, plus over two hours of specials.

Special Features:

There are plenty of interesting special features including a fun gag reel. The numbers after the feature title are the run times.

  • Writer’s Log: Michelle Paradise – 13:48 – Co-showrunner Michelle Paradise narrates a vlog about shooting which took place in Iceland. This is a fun, interesting piece.
  • Star Trek: Discovery: The Voyage Of Season 3 – 28:30 – This feature includes various individuals involved in making Season Three.
  • Stunted – 14:32 – In interviews with stunt coordinator Christopher McGuire, fans learn about stunts, when the stuntman/woman takes over from the actor/actress, and safety measures to keep everyone safe.
  • Being Michael Burnham – 24:18 – Sonequa Martin-Green shows viewers her journey through Season Three. Cute kid alert.
  • Kenneth Mitchell: To Boldly Go- 18:02 – In a very moving feature, Kenneth Mitchell (Kol, Aurellio) speaks about returning to Discovery in Season Three, where he played the role of Aurellio, especially created for him after his diagnosis with ALS. In addition to creating the role for the actor, they created a special wheelchair for him. Keep your Kleenex nearby for this one.
  • Bridge Building – 25:35 – This feature focuses on the bridge crew, with the actors speaking about being cast, and their roles on Discovery.
  • Gag Reel – 4:32 – Actor flubs, jokes, and cracking up when they make mistakes.
  • Hidden Bonus. I couldn’t review this as either it’s not on the DVD version, or it didn’t work on my version.

Deleted Scenes

  • People of Earth – 0:55 – Disc 1 – Burnham is jailed by the Emerald Chain.
  • Forget Me Not – 0:55 – Disc 1 – Burnham and Saru discuss Trills.
  • Unification III – 1:01 – Disc 2 – Burnham talks about being fired as first officer, and how the year alone has changed her.
  • Terra Firma, Part 1 – 1:32 – Disc 3 – Burnham and Culber and the sphere data.
  • Terra Firma, Part 2 – 7:01 – Disc 3 – Burnham in the brig in the Mirror Universe. Traitorous crewmembers are murdered rather graphically in the M.U. Bar scene where Burnham and others seek information on Lorca’s location.
  • Su’Kal – 2:09 – Disc 3 – Burnham and Saru confrontation. Crew reaction to their new species assignment in Su’Kal’s program.
  • There Is A Tide… – 0:27 – Disc 3 – Burnham and others trying to free Discovery.
  • That Hope That is You, Part 2 – 1:00 – Disc 4 – Burnham and Osyraa.

The Review:

The case that includes the discs is flimsy. Two of my discs were not on the plastic spindles (increasing the potential of scratches) and the entire disc holder can be removed from the backing, but it’s prone to popping out on its own. Obviously, storing the discs elsewhere would be a good idea.

The episodes are clear and crisp. There are no episode commentaries, which is a bit odd. The deleted scenes are always interesting, but one can usually understand why they were cut.

The features – a nice variety here. The one that really hit me was the Mitchell one (Kenneth Mitchell: To Boldly Go), which was a tearjerker. It was heartening though, to see the work that was put in so that he could appear again, without prosthetics.

Being Michael Burnham was also a good feature, one saw the whole routine, and what it takes for a mom to work while raising a family.

Writer’s Log: Michelle Paradise was an interesting feature, showing Paradise as a person. There was lots of kidding around in this video which was amusing.

To be honest, all of the features were entertaining, but the three mentioned above were the best.

The Verdict:

Of course as a fan of Discovery you’re going to want to purchase Season Three. Not only do you get the episodes, but all of the special features too.

The casing is not optimal, and when it comes to contents, some episode commentaries would be nice, but other than that, the set is well worth the cost.

Get your copy here. The Blu-ray costs $34.96, and the DVD set costs $29.96. A Steelbook version costs $42.99.

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