June 20 2024


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Stewart: The Data Scene Is Still Emotional

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In an interview with SAG-AFTRA Foundation‘s Mara Webster, Sir Patrick Stewart spoke about returning to the role of Jean-Luc Picard.

Fans know that Stewart had been disinclined to return to the character of Picard, as he felt that the character had pretty much been thoroughly explored, and that he didn’t want to just continue The Next Generation. But his mistake was going in person to say “no” to the new project.

At that meeting, Stewart was impressed by those who would be writing for and creating the new show, and that the show would not be TNG part II, but a show that showed that both Picard and the Star Trek world in which he lived had changed. The idea of exploring those changes was “irresistible” to Stewart.

The scene between Stewart and Spiner as Picard and Data where Data gets what he wanted most still brings tears to Stewart’s eyes. “It was an important and moving scene,” he said. Stewart had trouble with the part where he turns around to say goodbye to Data, and it took more than one take to get it right.

Stewart was so moved by the scene that he purchased the chair in which he sat from that episode.

The video can be seen below, where you will also hear Stewart speak about how he began reading Shakespeare sonnets (which he did during the hard lockdown due to COVID).

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