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Virtual Shore Leave 41.6 IsThis Weekend

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This year’s Shore Leave convention is virtual, and best of all, free! Shore Leave 41.6 begins on Saturday, July 10 and runs through Sunday, July 11.

The guest list includes actors, authors, and scientists. The actor guests are Aimee Garcia, Adam Baldwin, and Eddie McClintock.

Shore Leave has always had plenty of Trek authors in attendance, and this year is no exception. The list includes: Christopher D Abbot, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Rigel Ailur, Lorraine Anderson, Derek Tyler Attico, Diane Lee Baron, Christopher L. Bennett, Kirsten Beyer, T.A. Chafin, John Coffren, Russ Colchamiro, Greg Cox, Kathleen David, Peter A. David, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Kevin Dilmore, Mary Fan, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Michael Jan Friedman, Phil Giunta, Robert Greenberger, Glenn Haumann, Andrew Hiller, Heather E. Hutsell, Amy Imhoff, Jim Johnson, Paul Kupperberg, David Mack, John Jackson Miller, Christopher D. Ochs, Susan Olesen, Joshua Palmatier, Scott Pearson, Roberta Rogow, Aaron Rosenberg, Jenifer P. Rosenberg, Hildy Silverman, Ian Randal Strock, James Swallow, Geoffrey Thorne, Dayton Ward, Laura Ware, Howard Weinstein, Richard C. White, and Steven H. Wilson.

Some of the schedule from Saturday can be seen below. Head to the Shore Leave Website here to see more of what will be happening on Saturday and Sunday. There are plenty of programs, including writing, music, science, entertainment and it’s all FREE!

10 AM Saturday: One Time I Wrote…
Scott Pearson, Lorraine J. Anderson, Christopher D. Ochs, and Hildy Silverman.

10 AM Saturday: Small Budget Films. Black Angel, Shifter, Vader Episode 1, Shards of the Past

11 AM Saturday: Daytime Solar Viewing. Explore one of the (usually) only two celestial objects visible during the day, the Sun.

11 AM Saturday: The New Age of Star Trek. Keith R.A. DeCandido, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Dayton Ward, Derek Tyler Attico, Kirsten Beyer, David Mack.

1 PM Saturday: From Transporters to Tachyons: The Physics of Star Trek. Erin McDonald

1 PM Saturday: Roberta Rogow Concert. A filk concert.

2 PM Saturday: Eddie McClintock. Amy Imhoff, Eddie McClintock

4 PM Saturday: New Release Party! Christopher D. Abbott, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Heather E. Hutsell, Aaron Rosenberg, Joshua Palmatier, Michael Jan Friedman, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Paul Kupperberg, Roberta Rogow, James Swallow

9 PM Saturday: Author Surprise. Glenn Hauman, Russ Colchamiro, Peter David, Mary Fan, Robert Greenberger, Michael Jan Friedman, Paul Kupperberg, Aaron Rosenberg, Hildy Silverman, Geoffrey Thorne

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