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Kurtzman: Starfleet Academy Series On The Way

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Star Trek television chief Alex Kurtzman, who recently inked a contract extension that ties him and his Secret Hideout production company to CBS Studios through 2026, says that yet another Trek series is headed to Paramount+, this one to be focused upon Starfleet Academy.

Though no firm details were given during his interview with the New York Times, Kurtzman indicated that the series will be aimed towards a younger audience, potentially similar to the upcoming Star Trek: Prodigy.

Starfleet Academy has been explored throughout many of the franchise entries of Star Trek on both the small and big screens. Beyond what has already been produced, some may recall that former movie producer / writer Harve Bennett wrote a Starfleet Academy script that he intended to be the sixth entry in the film series for the franchise’s 25th anniversary in 1991. Kurtzman himself previously visited the Academy when he co-wrote the 2009 film Star Trek.

“I want to get much weirder with the franchise,” Kurtzman told the Times, “pushing the boundaries much further than I think most people would want. I think we might get there. Marvel has actually proven that you can. But you have to build a certain foundation in order to get there and we’re still building our foundation.”

Kurtzman also indicated once again that the long-in-gestation Section 31 series is still in the works and is more a matter of scheduling than anything else.

The as-yet-untitled Starfleet Academy and Section 31 series will join DiscoveryLower DecksPicardStrange New Worlds and Prodigy in the franchise’s new generation of streaming series.

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