May 25 2024


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More than thirteen years ago, I began writing news for TrekToday. It was something brand-new for me to do, and little did I know that I’d be doing it for this many years. But for various reasons, it’s time to hand it over to someone new.

Our new news writer is Timby, AKA Tim. I’ll let him explain himself to our faithful readers: Timby is “the charmingly irascible and occasionally funny–in his own mind–guy who has been a moderator at TrekBBS since 2002 and an administrator since 2013. [He] comes to TrekToday with a long and extensive career in journalism and marketing, in addition to being an award-winning public speaker and top-selling author. Tim has lived in the Midwest of the United States for his entire life, barring one year in Baltimore, during which he ate all the crab.

“He also has a love of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier far greater than any sane man should hold, but we don’t hold it against him. (We totally do.) His other passions, when not obsessively reading about all things Trek, include baseball, photography, cooking, and hugging every dog he comes across.”

Those of you on TrekBBS know of Timby’s talent and his dedication to the BBS and I’m sure that he will bring both of those to TrekToday. Those of you not on the board, who know me, rest assured that I nominated him as the best choice. Heck guys, I’ll be honest, he’ll probably do *better* than I have – he’s that good.

At any rate, before I fly my Warbird out of here for good, I must thank some people. First off, Christian, who again took a chance on me. He’s the ideal boss. He lets you know what he wants, and then leaves you alone so you can do it. He’s also a heck of a nice guy.

Then there are the technical guys, without whom I’d have been doomed. From Charles, to Antony, to Eric, they made sure that if something went wrong, it was fixed as soon as possible. I learned from all of them, and I was grateful for their expertise.

There are many people out in the Trek world who gave me leads, tips, and friendship. I have to give a big shout out to the Shore Leave authors. They are the friendliest people and they take no prisoners. And oh yeah, can they write!

And of course, I thank those of you who read my articles. I sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed them over the years. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy Timby’s articles too – he’s certain to bring something different to TrekToday.

I guess that’s about it. You might see my hand in an article from time-to-time, until Timby settles in (which should happen quickly) or if he needs help. I look forward to reading his articles, while appreciating not having to sit down and write them daily.

Retirement beckons. Instead of scribbling articles, I’ll be off doing things with family and friends. Oh, part of me will miss this, it’s been part of my online identity for a long time. But it’s time and I’m ready.

So, as I used to say on the BBS years ago, Jolan TRU suckers! I’m outta here.

T’Bonz, known in real life as Bon.

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