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Ricardo Montalban ST:II DVD Signing Report

By Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga
Posted at July 13, 2000 - 12:00 AM GMT

[Sam Goody Neon Sign] [Sam Goody Neon Sign]

Ricardo Montalban -
The 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan' DVD Signing
at Sam Goody in Universal City, California (7/12/00)

In the 16 years that I've been a 'Star Trek' fan, Ricardo Montalban has never done a 'Trek'-related event, whether it be a signing or a convention. Needless to say, it was quite a pleasant surprise when Paramount Home Video issued a press release to the media in late June announcing that Montalban would be at the Sam Goody at the Universal Citywalk to talk with the media and sign autographs for his fans.

Montalban, now 79, has been in the acting business for almost 50 years. Unfortunately, as of late, he has not acted in many projects, most likely due to his paralysis. As far as I can recall, his last acting "gig" was a recent commercial for Taco Bell.

Still, that did not prevent the media and his fans from showing up in a rather sizeable turnout for the veteran actor. This included many of the local television news channels (UPN 13 will no doubt cover his appearance as a lead-in from tonight's 'Star Trek: Voyager' into their 10:00 PM newscast) and Hispanic news organizations. As for the fans, I overheard one Sam Goody employee mention that there were well over 500 fans who were in line outside.

The event was arranged so that a set number of fans received their autographs from Montalban, then one or two media organizations interviewed him, and so on.

Since there were so many fans in line and a finite amount of time to accomodate them, the media were unfortunately only able to ask Montalban a limited number of questions. As a result, many of the questions that TrekToday readers submitted (and I really thank each and every one of you who did so because there were a lot of great questions) unfortunately could not be answered.

At any rate, given the circumstances of the event, I really don't have much in the way of complaints (maybe one or two quibbles but to be perfectly honest that was it) about how it was run, and I really have to give Montalban credit for making a public appearance despite his paralysis. I really hope this wasn't a once-in-a-lifetime appearance and that he makes additional appearances in the future.

Onto the interview...

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