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Burton: Confused And Disappointed in Roddenberry

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To LeVar Burton, Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry was a bit of a contradiction as a person, but Burton has no beef with Wil Wheaton.

As reported by TrekMovie.com, Roddenberry’s attitudes at times were a puzzlement to the former Geordi LaForge. “I will go a bit into detail but not too much because, obviously, a lot of that I consider private,” he explained when asked about his thoughts on Roddenberry. “However, I will share this…Gene was a human being and full of contradictions. He was this great visionary, and yet he was a womanizer. All of the women all wore short skirts you know? He had somewhat sexist views. Star Trek was full of spiritual meaning and yet he was an agnostic. Those kinds of things.”Rumors of a problem between Burton and castmate Wil Wheaton were provento be false. Wheaton, who along with Burton uses Twitter, had stoppedfollowing Burton on the microblogging service and Burton had tweeted(posted) about it. “I have no idea why he stopped following me,” saidBurton. Wheaton was asked about this and he said, “Oh, this is justsilly. I start and stop following people all the time, depending on awhole bunch of different things. Anyone looking for high school dramashould go someplace else. I absolutely adore LeVar, and as far as Iknow, there are no hard feelings between us at all.”

Burton will be appearing tonight on Lifetime in Taken in Broad Daylight, the true story of a teenager who was kidnapped from her hometown in 2001. Burton plays a police investigator and negotiator. Taken in Broad Daylight airs tonight at 8 P.M. Eastern time.

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