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Frakes – Keeping In Touch

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Frakes on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and ‘Star Trek XI.’ Although his Star Trek: The Next Generation days are behind him, Jonathan Frakes is still in contact with old castmates and isn’t the only one who wouldn’t mind doing a new The Next Generation movie.

As reported by TrekMovie.com, Star Trek is a part of Frake’s past and it is now intertwined with his life. “Michael Dorn came to my house last night for dinner and we that very conversation,” said Frakes. “It is part of you. We did one hundred and eighty-two episodes and four movies and countless conventions and countless Christmas parties, birthday parties and dinners. And you get recognized every day. For better or for worse, you epitaph will be ‘you knew him best as Riker.'”

Frakes still socializes with his former The Next Generation actors. “I had dinner with Dorn last night,” he said. “I got an email from Patrick [Stewart] yesterday, who is just back from starting rehearsals with Sir Ian McKellen on ‘Waiting for Godot,’ opening in the West End, in May.” Frakes went on to add that Patrick Stewart would be “happy to make another movie (The Next Generation if everything came back together. I have spoken to him on that very subject.”

In addition to his interest in his former show, Frakes has been paying attention to the newest Star Trek offering. When Star Trek XI was filming, he visited the set. “J.J. [Abrams] uses my favorite first [assistant director], Tommy Gormley,” explained Frakes. “Tommy and I had breakfast and he said ‘Come over to the set. J.J. wants to meet you.’ So I went to the bridge and there was Mr. Abrams and this beautiful, incredible set.”

Having seen the trailer, Frakes was positive about Star Trek XI and J.J. Abrams. “I like the car stuff, at the beginning, very much,” he said. “I am on record as being a big J.J. fan. I think he is a great storyteller and I think he respects the franchise and I have nothing but high hopes for the success of this movie.” As reported by TV Guide, Frakes feels that fans are ready for new Star Trek. “[‘Star Trek XI’ has] been doled out in a way that’s made people very anxious to go see it. And I think, unlike with ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Nemesis,’ there’s been enough time without something new in the ‘Star Trek’ oeuvre that audiences are hungry again.”

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