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New Star Trek Toys Previewed At Toy Fair

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The 2009 New York Toy Fair is history, but photos of some of the forthcoming Star Trek toys have been posted for eager fans.

As reported by Sci Fi Wire, and Action-Figure.com, there are plenty of goodies for the young and the young-at-heart Star Trek fans, including action figures, replica instruments and weapons, games, playsets and a life-sized replica of the Captain’s chair from the Enterprise bridge.For the well-heeled, the original series life-sized Captain’s chair, complete with lights, voice and sound effects, can be had for a mere &_#36;2717.01. But be sure to order this early as only 1,701 of them are being made by Diamond Select.

Fans with a more modest pocketbook can buy a remote-controlled Enterprise. Those with Klingon leanings will find a Bird-of-Prey remote-controlled ship more to their liking. The ships are made of durable foam and can fly up to fifty feet. The ships are available from Tyco and will hit the stores in April.

A Trekkie must-have is one of the replica tricorders that will retail for &_#36;50.00 from Diamond Select Toys. There is a science tricorder featuring audio dialogue from Mr. Spock, a medical tricorder with McCoy’s voice and a medical scanner with sound effects from the original series.

A replica Starfleet phaser will also appear on store shelves this year, based on one from Star Trek XI. This phaser boasts two settings; stun and vaporize and has lights and sounds.

The Star Trek XI Enterprise comes in for its share of attention, with a ship model complete with working lights and sounds, and two playsets featuring the Bridge and the Transporter Room. The Bridge set features a viewscreen, Captain’s chair and helm command center, two data screen and a floor plan playmat. The set comes with a Captain Kirk figure. The Transporter Room has dual transport controls on Scotty’s console control, a floor plan play mat, transporter pads and a transporter chamber that can be activated to “transport” a crewperson. Scotty is included with this playset.

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