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Spoof of original series hits the Internet Fans are just getting used to Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, but how about Will Ferrell’s face pasted on Captain Kirk’s body?

As reported by Wired, Sputnik Animation has taken the heads of modern comedians, such as Ferrell, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell and others and put them onto the bodies of the 60’s actors. Then dialogue, animation and music was added to make scenes with aliens such as Tribbles, a Gorn captain, Horta and Klingons that are, well, out-of-this-world.

Sputnik Animation Founder/Producer James LaPlante is hoping that Hollywood lawyers “have a sense of humor and that our animation falls under the fair-use clause. If they ask us to yank the video, of course, down it will go. We just wanted to share our funny idea with everyone, not infringe on anyone’s rights.”

LaPlante and company came up with the idea when a Sputnik Animation staffer “started to play around in Photoshop and created a still image of the Enterprise crew with Will Ferrell’s head on Captain Kirk’s body,” according to LaPlante. “Once the Photoshop mock-up was done, we knew we had to produce a piece of animation for it, so we decided to do a fake trailer for the new movie.”

Sputnik Animation used AfterEffects, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Sound Forge, Premiere and a program called Crazy Talk to create and edit the video, which has a three and a half minute run time. Sound clips and visuals from the original series were found online.

Not every role was easy to fill. “The roles we had the hardest time casting were Sulu and Scotty. You’ll notice there really isn’t a Sulu in our piece. For Scotty, we were torn between Jack Black and Seth Rogen. But when we put Jack Black into a Klingon [outfit] it worked so well we knew what to do.”

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