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Wheaton To Fans: Relax!

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Even though the Star Trek XI trailer shows a lot of action, it’s aimed at the teens and long-term Star Trek fans will still recognize Star Trek XI as familiar and worthy.

As reported by MTV, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton encourages Star Trek fans not to get too worked up over what Star Trek XI seems to be based on the available trailers. “It was all stuff that I’ve seen already,” he said of the footage to be seen on MTV’s upcoming Spoilers, “but it looked cool and everyone in the theater loved it.”“You know, a lot of my fellow Trekkies are all worked up because the trailer shows all this action stuff, and I keep hearing people dismissively calling it “Star Trek: 90210″ just because there are young people in it or something,” Wheaton said. “I really hope those guys can take a step back and realize a couple of things: these trailers and previews aren’t aimed at us; they’re aimed at teenagers, so they have to be presented in a language that they understand.”

According to Wheaton, action is necessary to today’s young audiences. “The damn kids today have grown up in a world where sci-fi is mostly action, and if you show them a lot of intense dialog scenes or quiet character moments, they’re not going to be interested. It is in all of our best interests to get them into the theater, so they can be introduced to Star Trek, get excited about Star Trek, and keep the Star Trek universe alive.”

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