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New Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Release

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Last year, fans were unhappy with the lack of extras on the Star Trek into Darkness Blu-ray release, but a new release of the movie this fall should fix the problem.

Star Trek: The Compendium will be released September 9.

When the original Blu-ray edition of Star Trek into Darkness released last year, fans found that not all the extras were available in the release, but only available by purchasing multiple copies of the movie; something hardly reasonable.

Paramount listened to the fan complaints and a new four-disc set (which also includes Star Trek 2009 on 2 discs including the special features for that movie) includes:

Star Trek into Darkness Disc One:

  • Star Trek into Darkness SE (IMAX version of the film)
  • Enhanced audio commentary with J.J. Abrams, Roger Guyette, Tommy Harper, Michael Giacchino, Maryann Brandon, Mary Jo Markey, Dan Mindel, Bruce McClearly, Bryan Burk, and Damon Lindelof. This was formerly only available via iTunes.

Star Trek into Darkness Disc Two (Blu-ray extras):

  • Seven featurettes from the other release (Creating the Red Planet, Attack on Starfleet, The Klingon Home World, The Enemy of My Enemy, Ship to Ship, Brawl by the Bay, and Continuing the Mission)
  • Six Target exclusive featurettes (The Voyage Begins… Again, Rebuilding the Enterprise, Vengeance Is Coming, Mr. Spock and Mr. Spock, Kirk and Spock, and Visual Affection)
  • Trailers
  • Six Best Buy/Cinema Now exclusive featurettes (Down with the Ship, National Ignition Facility: Home of the Core, Safety First, Unlocking the Cut, The Sound of Music and FX, and Aliens Encountered).
  • Deleted scenes (new)
  • Photo gallery (new)
  • Gag reel (new)
  • Featurette: Fitting the Future (film’s costumes) (new)
  • Featurette: Property of Starfleet (props) (new)

Purchasers will also get UltraViolet digital copies of both films.

Paramount is said to be working on a rebate offer for those who purchased the original Star Trek into Darkness Blu-ray release. TrekToday will update readers on the rebate once details are finalized.

The new set will sell for $39.99 but that is the SRP and Amazon or other retailers will probably discount the price of the set.

The full press release from Paramount can be seen at the bottom of the article by The Digital Bits, which is located here.

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14 thoughts on “New Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Release

  1. Right now, I own exactly 240 DVDs/Blu-Rays. Not individual discs, but packages. Including all Star Trek series starting with TOS, when it shipped as 40 individual discs, all the way to Enterprise, and all movies. The only thing missing is STID.
    I’ve *never* bought a DVD/Blu-Ray for the extras. So this won’t change anything; I still don’t intend to get STID. In fact I’d get rid of the 2009 movie if I could get more for it than the worth of my time to post it on some auction site.
    *My* alternate reality is that JJ Abrams never happened.

  2. I don’t see how this release “fixes” the problem – it compounds it! If Paramount really wanted to do right by the fans, they would release a single disc companion disc (i.e. Disc 4 of this set) for STID, and price it around $14.99 or so. They’d still make money, and garner some good will from the fans. I already own ST2009, as well as the Target release of STID – so I’d be getting this set for the non-Target extras and that’s about it. At a minimum, they should just release a 2-disc “special edition” of STID. Forcing fans to rebuy the 2 disc ST2009 film is a SHAMELESS cash grab. But alas, some Trek fans are so die hard, they’ll buy it anyway, and I guess that is what Paramount is counting on…..

  3. Don’t care about these films at all, but I agree with you that for the fans of these films, doing right by the fans would be releasing a single disc with the new extras. Not surprised the direction they went however. Then you keep in mind that in so many years after the third (and hopefully last) of these films is released, there will be an all new trilogy set with even more extras based on the first two films. *sigh*

  4. PASS! But I’m there if they ever do a set of director’s/extended cuts for the original 10 films!

  5. I agree that it isn’t the perfect solution, but only in that it includes the ’09 film as well. Really, is there anyone who cared enough about the supplemental features to skip the original release, but who wouldn’t already own the ’09 film?

    As far as STID, it isn’t that common for a studio to release a supplemental companion disc. (Can anyone think of any examples? Only one I can think of off the top of my head is The Matrix Revisited.) So I’d frankly be shocked if Paramount had done that. Besides which, if they had done that they would have had to have left off a major supplemental feature: hard to do the enhanced commentary track without the movie itself present! Also, consider that the movie itself is being presented with it’s IMAX scenes properly formatted, which is not something found on any previous disc-based release of the film. Thus, even if you already own STID, it seems worth repurchasing for this release. So again, the only thing that bothers me is the redundancy of bundling it with the ’09 film.

  6. Or at least for the original films that had such cuts! (And knowing that back in the day of the Collector’s Edition DVD release, Shatner had hoped to do a director’s cut for TFF but Paramount didn’t want to let him, I’d be curious to see that one done, as well.)
    In the story that The Digital Bits had breaking the news of this release, they did say that they let Paramount know of the desire for Blu-ray releases of the directors’ cuts of the classic films, and that Paramount was now considering it. Of course, there’s a big difference between “considering” and actually doing, so we’ll see what happens. But at least for now there is hope.

  7. Agreed, wishful thinking about a stand alone companion disc, but as both you and I mentioned, they could have released a 2 disc special edition of STID for around $20-25, and I’d probably pick it up. Forcing fans to rebuy ST09 is what really burns me here. Especially after the initial outcry this release supposedly addresses….

  8. I thought gaining access to additional features and “downloadable content” was the whole point of BD-Live. Why not just let anyone with the old BR discs view the features that way? I really have zero interest in this material and the JJverse in general so I’ll skip it in every form (I don’t even own ID anyway).

  9. In other news, TNG season 6 on Bluray came out today and it’s fantastic!

  10. I read what was said in The Digital Bits story, but I also read a few months ago the possibility of such a project for the 50th in two years. I can’t think of a better way (so far as re-releasing old content anyway) than this idea. I’d especially enjoy seeing the directors cuts for the first two films that had been released before on DVD come to Blu-ray, as well as longer cuts for Star Trek V, Generations and Nemesis. I’d be very curious if those last three films could be improved with a serious director’s cut each.

  11. I’m just going to say it, I hate BD-Live. Half the time it doesn’t even work and it just feels like an underhand way to push physical format fans into digital. If it isn’t on the disc I buy, I don’t own it!

  12. You know, however (and I guess this was technically CBS-TV that did this), but after the Complete Series release for both I Love Lucy and McGyver were released, each with special extra bonus discs, some years later those extra discs for both were sold individually. So there is a precedence for such a thing over at Paramount/CBS-land!

  13. Nothing like re-repackaging a movie no one likes to gouge the fans over material that should have been available the first time around.

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