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Nimoy’s Warning To Quinto

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In spite of an awkward first meeting, Zachary Quinto now feels that he can call Leonard Nimoy “friend.”

As reported by the Daily Record, the two met for the first time while in riding in an elevator. “It was a pretty cramped elevator and we hadn’t been formally introduced,” said Quinto. “The elevator went up really slowly and, when the doors opened, he looked at me.”Before Nimoy exited the elevator, he told Quinto, “You have no idea what you’re in for.”

But after that first encounter, the two actors got to know each other better. “He and his wife invited me to a party they were having at their house a few weeks later and that began our sort of personal and individual connection,” said Quinto. “I have a tremendous respect and affinity for him, and it’s more than just giving me tips about Spock and what the character means to him and what the experience was. I feel like we’ve become friends and that to me is something that I think is a life-long [thing].”

Quinto is not worried about being typecast as Spock, in spite of Nimoy’s warning. “I think that you can really see the way in which this character shaped and affected Leonard’s life,” he said. “I think that we live in a different time now in terms of attention spans and cultural willingness to see something through for so long. I don’t think it’s quite the same climate in which he experienced this character.

Nor is he worried about being marked for working in a science-fiction franchise. “I think there’s less of stigma associated with Sci-fi and I think that that’s part of what he experienced at the time.”

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