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Star Trek: Countdown Goes Into Depth

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Some elements in Star Trek XI are explained in Star Trek: Countdown, the comic prequel to Star Trek XI, including how Nero went from normal guy to villain.

As reported by TrekMovie.com, Star Trek: Countdown, a four-issue comic prequel to Star Trek XI is a must-read for fans who want more details on the events of Star Trek XI or who are Star Trek: The Next Generation fans.Star Trek: Countdown writers Tim Jones and Mike Johnson spoke about the comic series recently at WonderCon, where they explained how it ties in to Star Trek XI.

“We sort of said goodbye to the Next Generation cast in the finale of the show and the movies,” said Johnson. “But that doesn’t end very well and what we are doing is keeping these characters alive and it is not really a ‘so long everybody’ wrap up in any sense. They are very active participants in any sense. And you will see that in issue four, that it ends on a real cliffhanger. It is not a big weepy farewell to the Next Generation cast. They are part of the action. They are very much involved in it. They are actually really responsible and important for things we see played out in the movie. So they play a real role in that.”

What the Next Generation characters have done after Star Trek: Nemesis is explained, including Captain Picard and the newly-acquired B-4. “The comic started with the back-story of Nero and Spock, that is why the comic exists,” said Johnson. “But at the same time we decided to show the Next Generation characters after Nemesis. Where are they? What are they doing? And naturally the first step is Picard and if he is not the captain of the Enterprise, then who is?”

Star Trek: Countdown also fleshes out characters such as the villain Nero. “[It] adds so much more depth to the character, to show a turn of the character, to see how he is not born a bad guy, he becomes a bad guy,” said Jones. “[Nero] is the villain so he is evil, but what made him turn into a villain? It just seemed more fun that way, instead of just being a bad guy from the beginning.”

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