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Abrams: After Star Trek XI

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Star Trek XI‘s J.J. Abrams discussed how the characters of Star Trek XI went from strangers to the cohesive family of the original series and what that means for future Star Trek.

As reported by TrekMovie.com taken from SciFiNow Magazine, Abrams gave clues as to what might come next after Star Trek XI. “Yes, the five year mission begins at the end of this film,” he explained. “Not literally. I’m saying that at the end of the movie they’re ready for their five year mission, because this group, when they first come together in this film, is a disparate group. They don’t know each other, they’re just meeting for the first time. Kirk and Spock have a rather contentious beginning to their relationship, and by the end of this experience together, they have become this family. Each of them has put their lives in each other’s hands. By the end of the film, they are now this group that is ready to begin their adventure.”Bringing together Star Trek XI‘s crew will hopefully bring in new fans or those who didn’t relate to Star Trek as well as traditional fans, by showing the evolution of the characters from those unknown individuals to the cohesive crew of the original series. “So for me, it was a way to take three groups of people, who represent the whole audience, and say, ‘Let’s bring everyone together and tell a story that starts at the beginning, when Kirk is unformed. When you meet him and he’s an aimless punk who goes to bars, drinks, picks up women, starts fights. Yet you know, and even the neophytes to Trek will watch and say, ‘Kirk? Isn’t he Captain Kirk? How does he go from here to there?’ So for me, it’s giving people a way in to this world in a way it’s never been done.”

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