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Abrams And Cast On Possible Trek Sequel

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J.J. Abrams and the Star Trek XI cast say that the door is open for a sequel to Star Trek XI.

As reported by Slashfilm, Chris Pine (Kirk) believes that there are plenty of story opportunities available for a Star Trek XI sequel. “I think, um, you know J.J. and Bob and Alex and Damon and Brian everybody that’s behind it, I have complete faith in and they’ve clearly opened the door for myriad possibilities with the new kind of trick that they’ve played in our Kirk version, that I think, I mean god knows there’s plenty of places for it to go.”Pine would like to be part of that future, if it happens. “I love the character so much I would love to be part of any future incarnations of the story,” he said. “I think he movie that we made is fantastic and hopefully it will be appealing enough that we’ll find room for new stories.”

Zoe Saldana (Uhura) would be onboard for a sequel, but with a twist. “Yes, I would do another one. But I’d want to play Scotty and Simon should play Sulu, and Sulu should be Nero…” she joked.

Although Abrams would like to do a sequel, he feels its too soon to be discussing it since Star Trek XI hasn’t been released yet. “Nothing would be more fun than to work with them again but I think…it’s insanely presumptuous to be talking about it,” he said.”The good news is, if people like it and there’s demand for another one, the actors and writers and I will be back, but we don’t have a story, we don’t have an outline or a thought.”

There will be no sequel for Eric Bana (Nero.) “I’m very hopeful for the entire cast. [I hope] there’s a sequel because they thoroughly deserve it. Unfortunately, for my instance there are two black holes, one in the film and one in my contract that possibly preclude me from coming back.”

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