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Pegg: Right Time To Return To Star Trek’s Origins

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Simon Pegg was both flattered and terrified to be considered for the part of Scotty.

As reported by SFX, the offer of the Scotty role was unexpected for Pegg. “I didn’t flatter myself to think that I’d be considered. I know Scotty is slightly senior to the other crew but I kind of figured that they’d all be young and beautiful like Chris and Zach and Zoe.”
After an initial hesitation, Pegg adapted to the idea of being part of Star Trek XI. “It came so out of the blue,” said Pegg. “It took me three days to say yes. Once I’d got used to the idea it was just so exciting to be part of. I was taken around the set when I arrived in LA and I met Leonard Nimoy and Zach [Quinto]…I was a fan of the first series of Heroes, so it was really cool to meet Zach, but of course it was amazing to meet Leonard. I was shown all the production designs and shown the phasers and the communicators and all that stuff, just to get a sense of what they were trying to do with it. It was enormous. I was terrified!”

The timing was right for a return to the Star Trek of Kirk, Spock and McCoy, according to Pegg. “I think the mood for going back was kicked off with Enterprise, probably, a series that I didn’t really watch, to be honest, because the theme music was just incredibly bad, but I’m sure that beyond that it was probably an enjoyable show,” said Pegg. “Maybe that sense of nostalgia had already started to bubble. And then the idea of doing it again seemed so obvious. It feels like it’s time. And it has to be about the story, it’s such a great story. There’s a reason why this show has had such a seismic impact on the world, let alone the world of science fiction but on the world generally, on the shape of mobile phones, on the names of space shuttles…it’s because that original series was extraordinary, and it just deserves to be readdressed, you know?”

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