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Star Trek XI World Premiere Reports

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Today was the official premiere of Star Trek XI in Sydney, Australia and fans arrived early to see the stars walk the red carpet.

As reported by and, there were thousands of fans waiting outside of the Sydney Opera House as well as the sixteen-hundred invited guests inside, which included media, celebrities and bloggers.Fans standing outside were able to see, photograph and talk to some of those associated with Star Trek XI, including J.J. Abrams, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, John Cho, Karl Urban and Eric Bana.

The crowd was enthusiastic, but respectful during the almost two hours in which the cast members worked the rope line.The actors took time to answer some questions asked by those behind the ropes. Bana explained why he was attracted to the role of Nero. ” I just thought it was a really well written script. I think even if you change the title, if it wasn’t ‘Star Trek,’ I still would have done it. It was really well written and Nero was really interesting. The thing I love most was that I found the whole thing really cheeky and it had a sense of fun, and that extended even into the villain. I just wanted to be a part of it.”

Urban was quite content with playing McCoy. “I couldn’t be more happy with the character I played, are you kidding? To me Star Trek was cult of personality than a science fiction show. My favorite scenes in the original show were where Bones and Spock to sort of argue and bicker with each other, and that is why I tuned is, is the characters on the show and that is the wonderful thing about this movie, is what J.J. and this extraordinary cast has managed to do is capture the very essence of what Roddenberry created.”

Heading into the Opera House, fans were obliged to hand over their cellphones and cameras, and metal-detecting wands ensured that no contraband would make its way inside. Once inside, a screen showed a live telecast of the red carpet interviews being conducted outside.

The premiere opened with speeches from Paramount executives. They were followed by J.J. Abrams, who explained why the premiere was held in Sydney. “Because I honestly love this city!” he said.Abrams was followed by the stars in attendance, including surprise guest John Cho as well as Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana and Karl Urban. The crowd greeted them enthusiastically and the stars joked around onstage.

The film began and those in attendance were wowed by the movie. When it ended, the crowd applauded wildly, finishing with a standing ovation. The fans then left the Opera House to find another surprise; the white sails of the Opera House had been transformed with the addition of blue, gold and white lights to form two huge Starfleet emblems.

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