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Urban On Playing A Cranky McCoy

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For Karl Urban, the key to Dr. Leonard McCoy is to look beneath the irascible front.

As reported by the New Zealand Herald, the appeal of Star Trek was the conflict between three strong personalities. “In my opinion Star Trek was always a cult of personality before science fiction,” said Urban. “You wanted to see the conflict between the characters, the grouchy, irascible Dr. McCoy argue with the rational, logical Spock, and see the hero, James T. Kirk make a decision and then go and bone the green girl. To me, that’s what was most intriguing about it, the fact it was a character-driven show with such strong personalities.”Happily for Urban, Star Trek XI will continue this winning formula. “Reading the script for this reboot I was thrilled to see they had held on to that,” he said.”

Urban plays Dr. McCoy, who often gives the impression of being grouchy, but the surliness is just a front for the real McCoy beneath the crusty exterior. “This character is irascible and cantankerous, and often downright grumpy but beneath that is one of the most altruistic, caring, loyal friends you can possibly have,” explained Urban. “The remarkable thing about him is he does not care who you are, he will speak his mind. His moral perspective, regardless of who he is arguing against, is always sound. It doesn’t matter that he’s more Jim Kirk’s friend than Spock’s, he will always give you the straight up, honest ground.”

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