April 18 2024


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Bana, Cho, Greenwood And Yelchin On First Impressions

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Four of the Star Trek XI actors explained how they were initially attracted by the Star Trek XI script or their specific characters and what they did to prepare for their roles.

As reported by Firstshowing.net, Bruce Greenwood was attracted to taking on the role of Pike because of the problem his character faced. “Well he’s got this tremendous dilemma of having to…having an instinct about somebody who to all appearances is going to let him down but his gut is to follow his instinct in spite of the way the kid’s behaving,” said Greenwood. “So there’s a tremendous father-son dynamic to that dilemma. That’s what appealed to me.”Fun is what attracted Eric Bana (Nero.) “[Star Trek XI] had this kind of sense of fun, this element that it wasn’t taking itself too seriously which was really intriguing,” said Bana.

Once they signed on, it was a matter of learning about their characters. “This guy [Anton Yelchin] became a walking Star Trek encyclopedia,” said John Cho (Sulu.)

Yelchin actually obtained a Star Trek encyclopedia which he consulted frequently. “So I had that,” he explained.” I’d read that a lot and then I watched a lot of the original series.”

“It was like every day on set – he was like ‘Remember that one episode? Do you know that one episode with the’ … he was unbelievable,” said Cho.

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