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Orci Answers Questions Regarding Star Trek XI

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Fans wanting answers about aspects of Star Trek XI were able to get some of their questions answered by Star Trek XI Writer Roberto Orci.

As reported by, one fan wanted to know about the improved transporter range. “If they could transport at that range, why the need for starships? … wouldn’t that undermine most of the plots on all the various series and movies?” Orci admitted that the same concerns had come up to the writers, but they found an answer that satisfied them. “The short answer is that it is entirely too dangerous,” he explained. “Scotty was almost killed, and we even had a line before they beam out where Scotty says, ‘If the calculation is off by even .oooooox (insert crazy number) we could end up 3 meters OUTSIDE the ship!’ Remember, Spock Prime actually made the calculation. It’s possible there’s something key that he did not tell Scotty so that he could not reproduce the results.”

Another fan touched upon the loss of Vulcan and implications for the future. “…now with Vulcan gone there is a great chance to intelligently discuss what a people displaced from their home feel,” he said. “This Diaspora could be used with great care and offer commentary on the current state of post-colonial peoples. DS9 did something somewhat similar with the Bajoran people very well.”

Orci responded with “Agree with you about Vulcan. Juicy territory.”

Another question regarding the Vulcans concerned Spock’s family and the Vulcan Elders in the Katric Ark. “What were the Vulcan’s doing in the ark, praying? Why no contact/no escape ship?”

“Bingo on the Katric Ark,” said Orci. [in reply to Tim Thomason who stated ‘I bet the Vulcans (and Amanda) were doing something with the katras in the ‘Katric ark’ while awaiting a rescue ship.’]

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