May 29 2024


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The Onion: Trekkies Unhappy With Star Trek XI

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The Onion, well known for its satirical articles, has taken on Star Trek fans in its latest online video offering.

As seen atThe Onion, Star Trek fans are the target in this amusing five minute explanation of why Trekkies are in an uproar courtesy of Star Trek XI.Star Trek fans were seen at the movie theater, complaining about aspects of the film.

“Yes it was exciting,” said one woman dressed as a Klingon. “But where was the heavy-handed message about tolerance? Where was the stiff acting? I mean it just didn’t seem like a Star Trek movie to me.”

“I’m just really, really disappointed that this storyline made sense,” said another fan.

TrekBBS made its appearance in disguise in the video. A little more than halfway through the clip, discerning eyes will recognize the little communicators at the side of “” A closer scrutiny will reveal “Important news regarding TrekBBS” as well as several familiar names of posters from that BBS.

Star Trek fans are assured by the reporter that the DVD release will offer a special cut for them, in which an extra three hours of footage will be added, in which characters stand around debating the merits of saving the Andorian ambassador from the surface of a planet.

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