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Pegg: Still Low-Profile

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In spite of the success of Star Trek XI, Simon Pegg is still low-profile in Tinseltown.

As reported by California Chronicle, Pegg, who is more well-known in the U.K. due to the success of his British sit-com Spaced, can laugh about his American anonymity. “I could walk down Hollywood Boulevard naked and no one would notice,” he said. But Pegg has found that his inner-fan enjoys being in Hollywood. “John Landis took me to see Terminator the other day and then we had dinner in his home,” he said. “He’s one of my favorite directors, and I grew up loving American Werewolf in London, and Animal House and Blues Brothers. To be able to go around to his house was a joy.”

Another favorite Hollywood experience for Pegg came at the Iron Man premiere. Simon had worked with Jeff Bridges in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, and seeing Bridges at the premiere, went to say goodbye. Bridges was speaking his brother Beau as well as Jon Voight, but when Pegg arrived, Bridges put his arm around Pegg.

“Jon [Voight] was telling some story about Midnight Cowboy, or some film he had been in, so I just stood there listening with Jeff’s arm around my shoulder, thinking, ‘How the devil did I get here?'” said Pegg. “That was my Hollywood moment.”

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