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Ryder And Pine: Rebooting Star Trek

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Starting the original series over is a bold move and should breathe new life into the franchise, according to Winona Ryder.

As reported by The Japan Times, Ryder, who is not a Star Trek fan herself, was intrigued by the reboot. “…What grabbed my interest when this was proposed to me is that it’s a whole new concept,” she explained. “This is a rethinking of these characters and the Enterprise. I mean, it’s all new. It’s a fresh start. To me, that shows courage, because they’re not following the tried and true formula, they’re trying to give it new life and reach beyond the usual Trekkie audience.” Playing the part of Spock’s mother allowed Ryder to do something she normally doesn’t get to do in films. “I always felt somewhat hampered by my image of being a girl,” she said. “I haven’t been allowed to be a woman on-screen until fairly recently. Plus these guys, Spock and Kirk, they’re kids, they’re young men here. We get to see them develop from sort of teens…You know, boys will be boys; well, maybe not my son, he’s a perfect gentleman, but Kirk, he’s a wild guy!”

Pine, who plays that wild guy, assured people that Star Trek XI is for anyone not just the young or non-Star Trek fan. “It’s not that we’re aiming for a teen audience or abandoning anyone who’s into Star Trek, as has long been rumored,” he said. “It’s that this is, what, the eleventh Star Trek movie, and yet it’s the first one. It literally is the first one. Instead of moving pointlessly into the future and creating new stories and characters; you know, situations that may or may not please the fans, all the fans, J.J. Abrams chose to take it back, to explain it and let audiences discover all of us in a way they’ve never seen us. Who wouldn’t want to know where these guys came from? What made them who they became? What they were like in their youth? What molded, formed them? It’s like we go back to school with them, and then we do move on and have an exciting, action-packed story, with a terrific new villain.”

Ryder wouldn’t mind playing a villain in a future film. “This may be the most female-friendly movie in the series,” she said. “my character is part of that. The studio wants to make Star Trek more interesting to women, and if they come up with a good female villain in a future movie, I’m willing and I’m able.”

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