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Jones And Johnson Talk Star Trek Comics

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At the Comic-Con IDW panel, Tim Jones and Mike Johnson discussed their forthcoming comics such as Nero and the Star Trek XI adaptation comic as well as future comics including one based on a sequel to Star Trek XI and one set in the Star Trek: The Next Generation era.

As reported by, the Nero comics were meant to fill in the missing twenty-five years between Spock and Nero’s first encounter, and after they went back in time and met again. “…there is a huge story sitting right there in the middle of the movie that, obviously, they didn’t have a lot of time to go into on-screen with everything else going on,” explained Jones. “So we get to fill in a little bit of that in graphic form.” “And it isn’t just the Shawshank Redemption, or ‘Neroshank Redemption,” added Johnson. “He is in prison for part of the series, but how did he know where to be to meet Spock? A big part of the mini-series is about how he learns that.”

In addition to filling in that missing time, there are things included that fans will enjoy. “We have a sort of famous Klingon,” said Johnson. There are characters, things, entities from the Star Trek universe that are in the comic that were not seen in the movie, that actually tie into the story.”

Jones and Johnson then spoke about the Star Trek XI adaptation comic. “It is not going to be an exact duplication of the movie,” said Jones. “We will be able to hear some inner dialog from our characters, which you don’t get on screen.”

“We don’t want to just tell the scenes verbatim, because you can just watch them in the movie,” said Johnson. “So we would rather just use the comic form and take advantage of it. So show scenes that you know, but show them from a different perspective.”

As for future plans, “There has been discussion about doing a Countdown-ish project before a second movie,” said Johnson. He also revealed that the pair would like to do a Next Generation story. “We have had conversations with IDW, but to jump back and tell a story between Nemesis and Countdown, to show how Data came back and became captain of the Enterprise, and what happened to Picard and their relationship and other members of the crew,” he said. “We are huge Next Gen fans, so yeah there is another story to be told where Countdown left off.”

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