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Cho: FlashForward

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What will happen to John Cho‘s role in FlashForward when it comes time to film Star Trek XII?

Cho, who plays FBI agent Demetri Noh, might have to face the possibility of a schedule conflict, but for now, he’s enjoying his new role. “You know for me as an actor it’s kind of a unique situation not knowing where the character is going,” he said. “Not having a full script. Typically in a movie you know how the movie ends, and you sort of map out your performance. This one we’re kind of winging it, because the actors don’t know what’s going on from episode to episode. It’s a very unique scenario, but it’s exciting.”

The show is drawing fans curious to see how characters on FlashForward react to having seen their own futures. Cho believes that Executive Producer David Goyer‘s talents will keep the quality level of the show high. “I think we have a very uniquely gifted creator,” explained Cho. “David Goyer, he’s just an extraordinary mind. He’s a very unique person who’s incredibly well read, has an incredible breath of experience and knowledge. I think that will come to bear in a very fruitful way on this show. I just feel like it’s a full expression of his personality.”

But Cho may have a dilemma when it comes time to film Star Trek XII. He can’t be in two places at one time. “First of all, I don’t know when [Star Trek XII is] going, and if it’s going,” he explained. “I’m pretty sure it’s going, but I don’t know for sure, and I don’t know how long. I don’t know if my character will live on FlashForward. There’s a lot of question marks. The thing that I do know is that both sets of producers want the other project to happen. So you start from a place of good will. I’m pretty confident that we can work through whatever situation comes up. I think they feed one another.”

“Well, I don’t know if [Noh is] going to die, and it’s an issue,” said Cho. “In features, typically you know the ending, and you work from the ending. You know where the characters starts and where the character ends, and you’ve got to figure out a way to connect the two. I only know the beginning at this point. I was worried about playing that, although it sort of solved itself. It’s playing out very naturally, where we just sort of go with each development as it comes.”

FlashFoward airs Thursday nights at 8 PM on ABC.

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