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Ryan In Leverage Finale

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Jeri Ryan, best known to Star Trek: Voyager fans as Seven of Nine, will be appearing in the summer finale of Leverage, in The Lost Heir Job episode.

Ryan will portray Tara, a new recurring character, on tonight’s episode of Leverage, which airs at 9:00 P.M. on TNT. In The Lost Heir Job, a crooked lawyer schemes to take over his client’s estate and Parker (Beth Riesgraf) pretends to be the client’s long-lost daughter to lay claim to the estate and thwart the lawyer.

A meeting with Michael Wright, the head of TNG, lead to the role for Ryan. “They had this role coming up and he told me about it and the series,” she said. I had seen a couple of episodes and it was a really fun show. And I was talking to Dean [Devlin, executive producer] and he screened some of this season’s episodes so that I could catch up on what the characters had been doing. And that was it, so I came aboard.”

This is not the first time that Ryan has been the newcomer on an established show. “I’ve been the designated pitch-hitter for most of my career,” she said. I think Shark is the first series that I was on, that I was on from the beginning. I think every series I’ve every done, I was added midway through. Dark Skies, my first show, it only ran one season. I was added to the second half of the season. Star Trek: Voyager, I came in Season Four. Boston Public, I was added at the beginning of Season Two.

Ryan spoke about the differences between working on other shows and working on Leverage. “It’s a really ambitious show and schedule. The scripts are really complex stories, with a lot of action that you normally wouldn’t see on an hour TV show. They are doing some pretty amazing work, on a pretty tight schedule. It’s pretty amazing.”

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