June 24 2024


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Shatner Should Be Honorary Captain

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A online campaign to make William Shatner an honorary naval captain is underway.

A newly-formed Facebook group is campaigning for Shatner to become an honorary captain in the Canadian Navy.

To be eligible for the honor, a candidate must be either a former officer or a distinguished Canadian citizen. Honorary captains are visible and attend prominent naval, Canadian Armed Forces and other public events in ceremonies..

“I feel his nomination as an honorary captain will benefit the Canadian navy and the Armed Forces in general,” said Sean De L’Eveille, creator of the Facebook group.

The group, which currently has two hundred members, can be found here.

Speaking of Shatner, the former Captain Kirk is on a different mission. Shatner wants the Edmonton Valley Zoo to allow their thirty-three-year old elephant Lucy to retire. “I humbly ask you to allow Lucy to retire to better circumstances than at the Edmonton Zoo,” said Shatner in a letter to Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel. “She’s old, feeble, and many of us know how that feels. I hope you don’t mind my intruding but the cause is just.”

Other prominent people have spoke up in behalf of the elderly elephant, including Bob Barker (The Price Is Right,) and author Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale.)

But zoo operations manager Dean Treichel said that Lucy’s quality of life is good and he felt that moving her would risk her life. “I think she’s in very good hands,” he said. “I think we do a very, very good job of caring for her.”

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