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Star Trek: Online – 2391 Supplemental

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Star Trek: Online has updated their “Path to 2409” history section, adding a supplemental log to the history entry for 2391.

The supplemental log entry refers to the exiled Romulan Commander Sela, and expresses concern that Sela is gaining new allies. “I believe Commander Sela has found allies in her bid for power,” said Federation Operative Lieutenant Mark Fischer. “The artificial quantum singularities we were able to track seem to have been left by a species we’ve never encountered before. Commander Sela managed to contact them and begin some sort of negotiations.”

The “operative” went on to detail a meeting that happened at Sela’s quarters one evening, and how Sela’s right-hand man T’Los cautioned Fischer (who had taken on the position of a Romulan guard) to keep quiet when the guests arrived. “‘Don’t say anything,’ he told me. ‘I will greet them. But keep your weapon ready. They are not a peaceful people, from what the Commander has gathered.'”

The meeting energized Sela. “She seemed fired up,” wrote Fischer. “Her body language had completely changed. Her shoulders where no longer so tense, nor was she as frequent to lash out at those of us serving her. In fact, infractions that normally would have earned her displeasure only merited a laugh. I have never seen her so cheerful.”

Fischer concluded with “I’m certain, even in exile, that she hasn’t given up on taking over the Romulan Empire.”

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