July 14 2024


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Star Trek: Online Closed Beta Signup

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Star Trek: Online has opened up registration for the Star Trek: Online closed beta.

Fans waiting for the arrival of Star Trek: Online can sign up now for the Star Trek: Online closed beta, due to occur later this year.

According to Star Trek: Online, selection of those chosen will be random, with the exception of those who have purchased either a six-month or a lifetime subscription to Champions Online, who are automatically accepted into the beta.

Players accepted will “work out kinks, squash bugs and create the best Star Trek experience we can.”

In addition to announcing the registration for the closed beta, Star Trek: Online posted an “Ask Cryptic” column which answered questions about combat capability.

Questions included ones such as “Will attack patterns/defensive maneuvers such as the Picard Maneuver be available?” (Answer: We do have attack patterns. Right now, we have attack patterns Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega. They each have varying different effects. You execute them and you gain speed and maneuverability bonuses, and they also have special bonuses themselves.) and “How reactive are the AI in ground combat?” (Answer: AIs have preferred ranges, so melee guys will try to close in and ranged guys will try to keep their distance – if you get close, they’ll back up and try to keep range. Different AIs have different scripting as well, so they’ll “prefer” to use different abilities over others. Some are healers, some call in support and so on.)

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